Use of the Dorset Cricket Centre is subject to the following Terms and Conditions


1. Each Club, group or individual having use of the Centre, or any part of it, its facilities and equipment shall be responsible for the proper supervision, care and safe use thereof and for the proper behaviour of all persons under his or their control or direction. In particular the Bowling Machine must not be used by anyone without prior authority, must be turned off when not in use, and must not be operated beyond recommended speeds.

2. Parking of cars shall be only in such areas designated for the purpose for Users of the Centre.

3. The Centre shall not be used other than for authorised purposes. Smoking of tobacco and the consumption of alcoholic liquor on the premises is prohibited.

4. In the event of cancellation of a booking by the User the question of payment of the fee or repayment of a deposit shall be at the discretion of the Association Secretary.

5. Users of the Centre shall indemnify the Association for the cost of repair of any damage to the Centre, its facilities and equipment arising from misuse or failure to observe these conditions. Nothing shall be done and nothing shall be brought into the Centre which shall endanger the same or render any insurance policies void or voidable.

6. At the end of the booking period Users shall be responsible for leaving the Centre clean and tidy and properly locked and secured as directed.

7. The Association shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from having to cancel any booking for reasons outside its control or when the Centre has been rendered unfit for use. In such cases Users shall be entitled to a refund of a deposit already paid.

8. Users of the Centre shall indemnify the Association from any claim for loss, damage or injury to anyone arising from the Users failure to observe these Conditions.

9. Articles brought into the Centre and vehicles parked in the adjoining car park shall be at the risk of the owner.




The person booking the centre must be responsible for the safety of their group and be aware of the safety of other Centre users.

All users must be aware of the safety of themselves and others and must not act in a way which endangers themselves or others.


The following are Situations of Identified Risk


Use of Bowling Machines:


 The machines must be operated in a safe way in accordance with the guidelines posted in the Centre

 Never operate the machine at a speed higher than the batsman can safely cope with.

 Never change the bowling machine speed without reference to the batsman.

 Always hold the ball aloft so that the batsman can sight it before putting it in the machine.

 Never operate the machine without the protection of the nets and/or the door to the BM net. Be aware of others in adjacent areas or spectators.

 Always clear all obstructions (balls etc.) not only from the pitch area but also where such obstruction may cause the deflection of a return hit.

 Always report problems with the machine or surroundings to the office staff.


Use of Nets


 It is highly recommended that all players wear white clothes.

 Supervisors are requested to ask that players wear (at least) white tops.

 The maximum number of players using a net at any one time should be eight. Clubs/users are required to monitor this and rest bowlers accordingly so reducing numbers to a maximum of six bowlers.

 All players should face the batsman at all times and keep a watch on neighbouring nets for return hits.

 No obstructions should be placed in the nets.

 Batsmen padding-up or changing should be clear of the line of hit balls

 Report net defects to the office staff.

 The hand bell fixed on the landing may be rung by a member of your club five minutes before your booking commences to ensure that the club in possession leaves promptly and that you are able to enter the hall at your appointed time.


Storage of gear and kit


 Store all kit in an orderly fashion

 Do not leave kit across the stairs, the gallery or the Bowling machine doors.

 Do not leave kit in the Hall where it can interrupt play or nets.




Please visit the upstairs reception office before playing and pay then if possible.


Your Responsibilities


 To make sure that all members of your group act in a responsible manner in accordance with the above points and act with care towards yourselves and others at all times

 To ensure that your players do not enter the Hall before your start time.

 To make sure that all your players leave your nets by your finishing time. This allows the succeeding users to start promptly.

 To know all members of your group and to be able to identify all persons in the event of a roll call in the event of fire etc.


Copies of these Conditions of Use are also posted in the Centre. Please ensure that all members of your group have read and are familiar with them.











Terms of Use